Rachel Kang “RULE BENDER”

Rachel’s love for cartoons and animations can be reflected in her own design as she enjoys working with playful and bright art styles. Her mind is full of imagination and curiosity, daydreaming can last forever as she is constantly thinking of different possibilities and ideas. Outside of her graphic designer hat, she likes to surround herself with creative outlets such as dancing, writing and videography!

01Branding, packagingOut Of The Box is a toy donation service that picks up and delivers your old toys to suited donation centres and recycles worn out toys to be used in their packaging. This project focuses on resolving the issue of waste in landfills accumulated from toys by recycling and re-gifting to those in need. Rachel’s project showcases a campaign series, recycled toy packaging and a ‘toy bus’ used to pick up and deliver donated toys to their new homes.

02TypographyThe motive of this project was to typeset a design research article as spreads in a printed magazine. With expressive type and photography to support the content, this article has been reformatted for easier legibility and clarity. This research article theorizes design as the methodology of innovation, the human and the material, and subjective and objective knowing. The responsibility of designers and the relationships between concepts and technology.

03InfographicThe first thing children received upon arriving at residential schools were a bath and a haircut. Cutting the braid was not only a traumatic experience but it was an effort of stripping the child’s identity and culture in these schools. This infographic brochure was designed to spread awareness and tell the truth about the traumatic experiences within Residential schools. With quotes from survivors, readers are able to learn about the effects of these schools and have a better understanding about the significance of the braid in native culture.

04Branding, packagingWaves Coffee house is a local coffee shop in Vancouver with a caring heart towards the environment and their customers. They’re a single-origin source and very environmentally conscious. This project was to create a new visual identity for Waves while keeping the values of their company. This new design of Waves elevates their brand visuals and marketing to communicate their messages more clearly to their consumers.