Miguel Manrique “HIERARCHY HONCHO”

With a big heart and an inventive mind, Miguel seeks to understand design challenges and build genuine relationships to develop solutions with care and empathy. Should you find yourself stuck on an island with him, fear not, for you will be thoroughly entertained with an exquisitely curated playlist, he might even start singing.

01Branding + PackagingWimp Sauce is the hot sauce for wimps, a fictional brand that focuses on providing a middle ground for those who are too scared to try spicy sauces but are also tired of tasteless and bland culinary experiences. Wimp Sauce aims to turn these play-it-safe folks into hot sauce enthusiasts and extinguish their heat intolerance.

02City BrandingTofino is built on a great foundation of exceptional experiences that uplifts the bodies, minds, and spirit of its visitors and its genuine west coast peoples. The rebrand aims to encapsulate Tofino’s raw natural beauty and energy, and mark it as one of North America’s premier year-round destinations. The new identity succeeds in recognizing the essence of the old logo and embracing the contemporary world.

03Motion + VideoAn educational video infographic created for educators to use in a classroom setting to communicate the severity of the residential school programs in Canada’s history. The video focuses on the story of the Thunderchild Residential School, one of many schools that burned down as an act of defiance and liberation from the oppressive school system.

GDC BC Salazar Award, Motion

04UI/UX, WebThe Queer Initiative exists to normalize positivity in a queer youth’s life – even if it’s just online. Many youth who have yet to accept, as well as those who live in unsupportive environments need a community who will champion them. The Queer Initiative will be there to guide, support, and promote a positive outlook in life for young and beautiful queer youth.