Kurtis works to create stunning illustrations that work well with packaging, print, and environmental design. He hopes to bring light to difficult topics and share stories with purpose. He’s not afraid to be loud, but knows when to be quiet.

01PackagingSnak Pack is a lunch system designed to support youth experiencing food insecurities in Canada. A simple grab-and-go lunch for children ages 5-10 experiencing food insecurities. A healthy & well-balanced meal keeps your kids fuelled—to keep them energized to play, learn, and grow!

RDG Student Award Honourable Mention 2021

02Branding & WayfindingAbbArtsForward is a cultural brand that works to educate, integrate, and pioneer Abbotsford into a new era. We educate the community about the upcoming changes that are in our near future—the way our city will be & how to navigate its future layout. We want to integrate art & wayfinding, in a bright and positive way, to encourage the community to explore the new city center & build its culture.

03Branding & PackagingPrimaid is a family response kit for families with youth experiencing substance use. Primaid works to create an environment that supports calm, understanding, and caring attitudes towards youth with substance use. Primaid teaches youth the underlying effects of substances and how they affect their mood and mental health, while simultaneously teaching guardians an appropriate and supportive way to respond to their youth.

04AdvertisingThe Peculiar Faces is a campaign that targets industry-level professionals within Graphic Design. This campaign highlights the rigorous, messy, and unique process of each individual student graduating from the Wilson School of Design. In order to share our talents with the industry, this campaign is designed to showcase our skills with content ideation, process, and thoughts. Each face has a different story—will you remember our faces?