Shery Husain “ON-TOP”

Shery’s interest always has been in design. She changed her mind many times before she decided on graphic design. She always knew that she wanted to design that have nice visuals and bring convenience to users. After a long journey of studying and preparing finally, she is graduating and becoming a graphic designer.

01Typeset Rethinking DesignMy goal for this typesetting project was to create expressive layouts as images to support the article’s concept as well as display interesting layouts. With the generous white space my intent was to create a minimal and at the same time a loud typeset.

02CampaignWeecare Collective is a charity campaign that helps mamas and parents in need to raise their little ones safely by offering all sorts of baby products including; baby food, diapers, toys, baby wipes and many more. Weecare collective also offers free large baby gears for lease which are refurbished by women at women’s shelters in Vancouver BC. My approach was to create a calm, cheerful design. My concept was inspired by baby photo albums. So there are line illustrations and photo collages on assets and website.

03PackagingIn this project I have rebranded and created a craft beer series for Folkhouse Brewery Co-op. It’s called Vacay Series. Vacay series is a collection of exotic craft beer series inspired by the exotic vacation destinations that Vancouver folks like to visit. We have Jeruk Bali, Hawaii Lilikoi and Mex Ulo. The colourful designs are inspired by the destination’s traditional masks.

04Packaging, IdentitySnugs is a footwear brand. They help children and families in need. With every sale, they support the Children’s Foundation in Vancouver. My Shoe, Your Shoe campaign promises to provide a pair of shoes in every shoe purchase that has been made. The idea was to create a packaging that includes fun, colourful and wildlife-inspired illustrations that appeal to the children and target audience.