Monica has a few interests which lie with UX/UI web design, typographic layout design, and the marketing side of design. That being said, she also has a soft spot for product and packaging design and dabbles in a bit of branding. Monica strives to create successful and meaningful design solutions. In order to achieve her goals, she is highly motivated to use her interpersonal skills and believes in a collaborative work space–truly connecting with the client, colleagues, or whomever it may be.

01 Print This project aims on raising awareness of Residential Schools in Canada. In order to first learn from the past, we must know what actually happened in the past. This educational book includes an infographic timeline of Canada’s dark history with Residential Schools along with shared stories of those who survived and what their experiences were like.

02 Interactive The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) focuses on serving the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in their pursuit of belonging and prosperity that is free from discrimination, slander, and violence. With this project, the goal was to not only rebrand TAAF but to create a campaign that brings awareness of the recent violence all across North America due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This campaign will bring forward the numbers and statistics, data, and individual’s shared experiences.

The solution for this project will be bringing forward the numbers and data of real incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic along with lived experiences of those who were victims to anti-Asian hate. The deliverables include a micro-site which expands on the topic as well as with a social media awareness campaign.

03 Packaging Bloom is an imagined beauty and skincare brand. As a part of the brand, Bloom has created The Blossom Project which was inspired by the belief that everyone deserves safety, support, and power. The project is aimed at helping individuals in local women’s shelters and crisis centres. The main purpose is to help individuals build the confidence they need in order to make it through everyday battles. The Blossom Box was a solution created as a part of the Blossom Project, it is a package filled with daily necessities that is given to those entering shelters and centres. With this solution, Bloom is able to demonstrate its support for women and achieves its goal of helping individuals feel safer and more confident as they work on empowering themselves. The Blossom Box is a box of necessities that includes shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and soap.

04 Interactive, Print, Campaign The focus of this project is to create an imagined collection for M.E.D.M called the Heartbreaker Collection. It will focus on taking inspiration from typical colors related to love such as red, pink, and white and turning it into unique streetwear. It will also aim to fill the gap that M.E.D.M has with their overall brand in regards to a lack of a stand-alone website and promotional campaigns (based on previous collections).

This project will follow the careful steps needed in order to successfully promote and launch the new collection. The solution for this project will include a micro-site to launch the collection, a print catalogue, and a social media promotional campaign.