Riley Park “100 PT.”

For as long as Riley can remember, they have always found themselves drawing and writing whenever they can and hyper-fixating on the branding they were exposed to. As a child, they used to collect packaging, business cards, and any print that they could get their hands on. This collecting addition has matured to books and higher forms of print application today. Riley has had a long academic career from a few years of nursing, ending with information technology and graphic design for marketing. Graphic design has opened up the world for Riley by allowing them to enmesh their passions into one consolidated career. They have a love for alliteration, juxtaposition and high contrast design. Motivated by connection and collaboration over competition, they look forward to a future of collaborating with others.

01IdentityCraft + Burrow designs artisan furnishings with a contemporary twist by creating custom and catalogue pieces from locally sourced sustainable materials tailored to invoke a circadian sense of discovery and inspiration in your home. The logo needed to be abstract, inviting inspiration, imagination, and intention. The process resulted in creating wood prints out of old, locally reclaimed round. Turning a circular piece of birch into an abstract burrow, filled with texture, exploration, and adventure, successfully embodying the nature and intention of Craft + Burrow.

02CampaignShifting Minds Collective is Canada’s first streamlined hub that provides access to diversity, equity and inclusion training in every major city across Canada. Their services include in-person coaching and counselling from their office spaces, providing a neutral space for individuals and corporations.

​​03PrintIn Decolonizing Design: A Designer’s Call To Action, Riley Park explores the designers’ role in decolonization with the intent of informing young designers. From defining a designer, exploring bias and how it embeds itself in technology and design, to how we can move forward and curate change as designers.

04TypographyThis long-form typography project is paired with imagery to highlight the subversive context of this piece and juxtapose the abject relationship between human nature and technology by exacting mild elements of body horror to portray something beautifully unnatural.