Angelo Tanjuaquio “COLLAGE AND A TOQUE”

Angelo’s design style focuses on typography and structure, while combining photography edits/manipulation, type, and geometric shapes to create interesting imagery. Angelo’s interests are in UX/UI design, publication design, and branding. Using his marketing skills and knowledge, Angelo aims to create design solutions to strengthen and build a brand. Having a sports background, Angelo is motivated to perfect his craft through hard work, practice, and learning from mentors and peers. As well using his past experience with team environments, Angelo flourishes in collaborative environments and seeks to help the team succeed.

01Identity Journey Basketball is a basketball training program in Vancouver who train kids, both boys and girls, the ages between 6 to 17. Journey not only teaches the kids the fundamentals of basketball but also teaches them how to be better people on and off the court. The goal of this project is to rebrand Journey Basketball as they are ready to become a leading training program in Vancouver and ready to enter club tournaments in Canada and the United States.

02PackagingThis project focuses on branding Folkhouse Cooperative Brewery and creating a new beer series. Folkhouse is a local brewery that provides cooperative experiences to their customers and stakeholders. The brewery is not just known for brewing beer but also helps teach customers or share beer recipes to their customers and other breweries. The new beer series that Folkhouse is set to release is called, “Celebrating BC’s Wildlife,” a series that showcases the unique wildlife in British Columbia.

03Campaign Mind Over Everything is an awareness campaign targeting Canadian universities, University coaches, and student athletes about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a brain disease that is associated by repeated head trauma and recurring concussions and cannot be diagnosed till after death. Many former NFL and NHL players get diagnosed with CTE after their careers. This awareness campaign aims to inform student athletes and university coaches about the dangers of CTE and how to prevent getting CTE. Furthermore, provide resources for student athletes when they have symptoms of CTE or need professional help when dealing with their mental health.

04Print A report published in 2021 by the Canadian Government. Canada’s First Youth Report was published in both an English text edition and French text edition. The task of this project is to design a new digital booklet of the report and include both the english and french text. With total control on the art direction which included typography choices, colour choices, and imagery style, the challenge was to create a cohesive booklet with both language text. And creating an easy flowing read for the viewer. Combining bold type, with easy to read body copy, and a bright colour, I designed a booklet that is modern and youthful.