Serena Trinh “CNTRL-Z-C-V-TRINITY”

Serena loves to create fun and cheeky illustrations and designs whether it’s for a digital medium or for print. Although she has a distinct playful style, she’s flexible and capable of adapting to a variety of design styles for whatever calls for her.

01Campaign, Print, DigitalThe Lemon-aid Truck is a traveling workshop that schools can book for their students, where they help introduce the topic and raise awareness of mental health to high school students in a more digestible and approachable way. Its bright and friendly visuals aim to provide an inviting tone and allow students to feel comfortable and more willing to learn about such a heavy topic.

02UI/UX, Web Design, PrintLucy is a hypothetical upcoming video game with anime inspired visuals. Its monochromatic and sophisticated colour palette with thin typefaces serves a light and fleeting feeling, corresponding to the theme and main character of the game. The game is supported by a set of 3 promotional posters to garner attention and interest, as well as a website showcasing general game information.

03Packaging“Whale, Whale, Whale” is a fictional organization that sells beach towels in order to raise awareness about the extinction of blue whales around the coasts of BC. The charming illustrations on the packaging encourage people of all ages to buy a towel, which will contribute to the donation for research and conservation funds.

04Web DesignA rebrand of The Brick. Along with a redesign of their logo, their website was also refreshed with an updated aesthetic. The site is more simplified for ease of access and organization, and it’s opened up with space for a less cluttered look.